We here at The Dandelion Appreciation Society love Dandelions. We feel the Dandelion has gotten a really bad rap and has somehow become the quintessential scapegoat for all that is considered to be a "weed" in the world of the sterile toxic green lawn.
We are here to help educate to the contrary. Dandelions are one of the most beautiful and useful plants on the planet!


This page is for MEMBERS to share their self written poems about Dandelions.
**All poetry is the ownership of the writer and may not be copied or used in any other way unless written permission is granted by the writer.**

By Alan Russo

Dandelion, Dandelion
It’s not fair what they do
They spray and they dig
To eradicate you

Your beauty and elegance
Is not to compare
The things that they do
It just isn’t fair

I only wish people
Would open their eyes
To all of the good
That you have inside

You're food and you're medicine
You’re all that we need
You even play with the children
When you go to seed

I can’t thank you enough
For all that you do
I can’t believe what they do
To eradicate you

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