We here at The Dandelion Appreciation Society love Dandelions. We feel the Dandelion has gotten a really bad rap and has somehow become the quintessential scapegoat for all that is considered to be a "weed" in the world of the sterile toxic green lawn.
We are here to help educate to the contrary. Dandelions are one of the most beautiful and useful plants on the planet!


Dandelions are one of the most nutritious plants on the planet. They are not only nutritious but have been used as medicine for thousands of years. 
On this page I envision MEMBERS  sharing their knowledge and experiences about the medicinal and nutritional aspects of Taraxacum officinale . Sharing traditional uses from their personal heritage or personal experiences in using Taraxacum officinale in healing themselves or others.
 I am not an Herbalist, and you should assume the following information  was not written by a certified herbalist, so use this information with this in mind.

  The following information has been referenced from the book "Stalking the Healthful Herbs" by Euell Gibbons. Euell Gibbons was a pioneer in bringing the practice of foraging wild foods to the general public and has written several outstanding classics on the subject. What I like most about his books is the fact that he relates his actual experiences in foraging and experimenting with wild plants. The other part I really like is that, as far as I know, he was the first to actually have the plants analyzed as to their nutritional content rather than using hearsay of how nutritious a plant is.

Some nutritional facts about Dandelion Greens:
They have,per 100 grams of greens:
 2.7 grams of protein 
187 milligrams of Calcium 
66 milligrams of phosphorus
3.1 milligrams of iron 
397 milligrams of potassium 
14,000 IU of Vitamin A 
35 milligrams of Vitamin C (in the form of Ascorbic Acid) 

Compare a couple of these to some commonly eaten foods that are know to be high in certain nutrients:
Carrots have 13,000 IU vitanin A /100 grams
Spinach has 93 milligrams of calcium /100 grams
Blueberries have 6 milligrams of vitamin c / 100grams


  1. It's good to know the nutritional values and facts of dandelions. I've tried eating this one way back last year and I really loved the taste. I did not know that this fruit is healthier than any other fruits. I'm going to buy some soon.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Glad to hear you will be adding Dandelion to your life, the health benefits are great. Let us know if you find some new ways to use them.

  3. I didn't know that dandelions are nutritious and didn't know that they have been used as medicine for thousands of years. Thanks for sharing this information.

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  4. Thanks for stopping by Edward.
    Yes, I believe eating Dandelions is a good idea as long as they are picked in a safe place. Be careful when picking them from lawns

  5. I have read in one of the Nutrition Forum online that dandelions rank in the top 4 green vegetables in overall nutritional value. Much of what dandelions purportedly do in promoting good health could result from nutritional richness alone. They have had a reputation as being effective in promoting weight loss and laboratory research indicates that there is some support for this reputation. Anyway, thanks for sharing this information, Alan.

  6. David, thanks for stopping by!
    My hope was for Members to add their info/recipes but things are slow these days. I may have to intervene and write some more myself.

  7. Hi
    I grow dandelions all over my garden for 3 reasons. I love to eat them for health reasons and the flower display in late spring is fantastic. They also are an essential source of nectar and pollen to queen bumble bees. I had queens of 6 species of bumble bees and 3 species of solitary bees in one day on the flower heads. I have many fruit trees and bushes, so by giving the queen bees an essential food supply at a time when food is scarce, and planting the flowers bees need through the summer, they nest nearby and I have loads of organic fruit to eat. The seedheads are loved by birds.

    1. That's a good thing you are doing! The bees need all the help they can get. Just curious, how do your neighbors feel about all those Dandelions! You should join so you can share some of your recipes with us.
      Thanks for your comment, Peace

  8. My mother had a stroke a few years ago. After the stroke, she started following a paleo diet and eating dandelion greens every day. The side effects of her cholesterol-lowering drugs were so horrible she secretly threw them out the window. When her blood test results came back showing such healthy, clean blood with perfect cholesterol levels, the doctor figured the lab had made a mistake and ordered another blood test. The second blood test result was just as amazingly healthy and perfect as the first one.


    1. Johannah,
      Thank you for sharing such an inspiring story. I love to hear it when someone follows their heart and Nature helps them along to overcome health problems. Plants are incredible! Wish your mom well.
      Much Peace

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